Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Work In Progress: My Art Apron

Last year I decided that I want something beautiful and uplifting to wear when I make art. So I bought a blank canvas apron from craft store. I started sketching and painting a while back. Yesterday I finally went back to work more on it. It's getting really close to be a finish piece. The problem is now it looks so good I don't think I have the heart to wear it when I sculpt and get mud all over it! 

That's my goddess of light, of inspiration on the apron. And she agrees that no mud should get on her!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make Art Part of Your Life

I realized that I don't make enough art in my life. And I am very inspired by Neil Gaiman's commencement speech, so now I'm making a conscious effort to try to include art in my everyday life.

This last weekend was a good art experience. On Saturday morning I had enough time to do my sadhana (daily yoga practice), and I had a pretty good meditation at the end. I was feeling good. I sat down and started doodling with my daughter. We had a great time. She drew animals. And I drew a picture of the owl and the pussycat, going out to sea in a boat. It's only after I was done with the picture then I remember that they went out to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. Oopsie. Oh well.

The owl and the pussycat have been on my mind for quite some time now. Have been meaning to make a sculpture out of it. I will probably explore the idea for a while in drawing before I finally decide on a design. That's the lady of the sea in the picture, and she's keeping an eye on the couple.

We recently adopted a puppy. She's a very delightful little creature. I've never really had a dog in my life before, and I am loving this experience right now. Still can't quite believe that I'm a dog person now, and I even drew a picture of me and the pup. 
Yesterday I managed to sneak in two more sketches. I am sketching on anything I can find now. Trying to break the habit of thinking that art making has to be executed "properly": must have a perfectly clean table, pencils must be perfectly sharpen, must have perfectly smooth paper, planetary alignment must be perfect....etc. No. I'm allowing art to happen anytime, anywhere, with any medium. 

So I was going through some things on my bookshelf, and I pulled out a notebook that I used to write down all my wishes. I opened to one of the blank pages and drew this picture. It's another thing that I want to remind myself, to always be kind to other people and myself. I wrote down the three laws of prosperity by Yogi Bhajan:

1. Be kind to others. 
2. Never speak ill of others. 
3. Never speak ill of yourself. 

Very good advice.

And here's another idea that I want to work on. A picture of a woman holding to her heart tenderly, being kind to herself. Maybe this will become a series of print. That would be nice.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Best Advice I've Heard In A While

Life sometimes gets so busy I forget what I used to do, what it's like to be an artist. Thanks to this inspiring speech from Neil Gaiman, I'm starting to remember why I started to make art in the first place: to be myself.

This is a really good speech. Take time to listen to it, whether you are an artist or not. And remember: live life the best that you can as yourself and no one else, be fearless, and enjoy it!