Monday, December 30, 2013

Manga and Crafts

It's been a busy year for me, juggling 2-3 jobs and family life at the same time...not a lot of art and craft this year from me. But I had a nice break during Christmas. Oh, and this year I discovered that all the things I need to know about life, I learn it from Pinterest! Look at all the wonderful art work and crafts on Pinterest! Whoa! I use Pinterest pretty much everyday, and lately it's giving me the urge to craft! 

So, after Christmas, I picked up my sewing needle, tried to get some unfinished projects done before the new year is here. First, I finished sewing a My Little Pony that I started back in August! Sorry, no picture....all I can say is that the final result resembles a punk rocker pony. This is a long overdue birthday present for my daughter. She's pretty flexible about things, and welcomed the punk rocker pony into her collection.

Today I finished sewing this birdie bag, also for my daughter. 

The inspiration for this bag came from Clamp's manga, Kobato: 

I like Kobato's dresses and accessories! They are so cute! Check out some of her handbags: 

See the birdie handbag? So cute! 

Speaking of manga, I highly recommend A Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori! 

Set in the early 19th century of central Asia, this manga explores the lives of the nomads in this region. I cannot express enough how beautiful this manga is! Every page is full of detailed, exquisite drawings, truly a delightful feast for the eyes! 

If you need inspiration for something ethnic and beautiful, check out A Bride's Story!