Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blooming Mind

Sometimes all I get is a little bit of time to make art. So I make something that's fun and quick. 

I also discovered some cool photo app on the iphone that I can apply to my art. This is my cut paper art combine with special photo effect.

There is A Way Through Every Block

Things have been rather tough lately. Everyday seems like a roller coaster ride. However, it is amazing that I can still look at all my current challenges and road blocks with a calm mind and heart. I owe it all to my Kundalini Yoga practice.

I have been keeping up with my daily sadhana (spiritual yogic practice) for a few years now. I do one set of kriya (a set of yoga exercises) and four meditations every day. Life always seem better and more manageable after my sadhana practice.

I also love chanting.Chanting meditation plays a big role in Kundalini Yoga, it's kind of like sound therapy. It resets the systems in our body and lifts our spirits instantly. One of the best kind of self-healing if you ask me. 

When I feel there's a blockage somewhere in my life, or when I need a flow of creativity, I like to chant Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru, a mantra often used in prosperity meditation. This mantra expresses the three qualities of Har (the Creative Infinity): seed, flow, and completion unto the Infinite (from The Aquarian Teacher). 

This mantra is amazing! (Actually, ALL mantras in Kundalini Yoga are amazing!) Even by just listening to this mantra, it helps me to get my work accomplished a lot easier! Sometimes ideas or solutions to a problem just pop up, and my day would flow with ease. 

Mantras are effective because it works in such a way that it alters the way we use our mind. Instead of focusing on the negative side, this mantra helps me tune in to all the possible solutions and ideas in the Universe. 

I'm glad I have these yogic knowledge and wisdom to help me whenever I need it! 


Friday, January 17, 2014

Lost In Dreams

I had a nice Friday afternoon. Spent my time sketching, listening to music. 

This one is a quick work, playing with texture and lines.

Art and yoga are very similar in many ways. You should be aware of your posture when making art, don't hurt your back. Also, the most important thing is, remember to breathe.

Friday, January 10, 2014

True Beauty

Here is another quick sketch of mine. I have been wanting to make a series of work like this, about radiant women, based on Yogi Bhajan's teachings. What he said about strength and inner beauty are so true and all women should know this. 

Ladies, drop all your insecurities and embrace the true beauty in you! Shine your light! Just shine! Yeah! 

Here's another good quote from Yogi Bhajan:

“You do not understand your features. Your features are not your beautiful nose, your beautiful cheeks, beautiful lips, and so on. These are not your features. Your features are your beautiful behavior, your beautiful character, your beautiful health, your beautiful spirit, your beautiful advice, your beautiful wisdom, your beautiful inspiration.”

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ancient Cave Art

Today, at my husband's request, I sat in front of my computer and copied this piece of ancient cave art from Europe. 

I am amazed by how beautiful this piece of ancient art really is. The lines are so expressive! As I was copying, I couldn't help but to imagine the person who did this cave art. What could have gone through his or her mind? Was he/she trying to capture the spirit of the animal with these simple and yet elegant lines? Was he/she praying for a good hunt? 

Whatever the reason is for this cave art, one thing is clear to me: it is our nature to want to express ourselves. Yes! We all have this desire and the ability to do so! Find your means to express yourself! Sing, dance, write, sculpt, draw...anything! Dare to be you, the one and only true you through your expression!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Proud to Be A Kaur!

Feel so good to be sketching again! A quick drawing of a lioness. I am proud to be a Kaur! 

What is Kaur? It is part of my spiritual name, Haritej Kaur

"A spiritual name is a vibration and a tool that helps to elevate your energy through the power of its nadh (inner sound current), and through the divine essence of its meaning.  It is your spiritual or soul identity.  It challenges you to live in your highest consciousness and helps you progress towards your ultimate destination.  Making the choice to receive a spiritual name is taking a step toward leaving old patterns behind and connecting with your infinite self."-

“Your spiritual name is your designated destiny, your heavenly identity.  That’s all it is.  You may or may not live to it, but it is your guiding force.  And it’s a prayer.  When somebody calls me ‘Yogiji,’ it means ‘one who is united with the greater soul.’  When somebody calls me ‘Bhajan,’ it means a ‘divine song.’  And if somebody calls me ‘Harbhajan Singh,’ it means ‘the lion who sings the divine song.’  It’s a prayer in the other man’s word.  What is prayer?  It is a calling.  And you answer the calling.  You get uplifted.  It’s a plus.  It’s a way of receiving people’s blessings.” — Yogi Bhajan

My name, Haritej Kaur, means the kind, creative and prosperous Princess/Lioness of God who is the radiance, the light, the energy of God. Kaur is a name that all women receive - the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life. Yogi Bhajan taught that every woman has the potential to attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it. 

Want to learn more about spiritual name or get one? Visit for more information.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

One of my first few drawings of the new year. As a matter of fact, first few drawings in a long while! I need more art session like this! 

As usual, I like to look back and examine my experience with the past year before I move forward into the new year. 2013 was really an amazing year for me. I suddenly found myself working several jobs, doing a lot of things that I never thought I would ever end up doing, like marketing! But it's for something that I care deeply about, so I don't mind spending all the time researching and learning about social media marketing and so on. 

And then there were a lot of spiritual learning and growth for me. Took quite a few major workshops. including White Tantric Yoga 2013. I also went to Womanheart. Womanheart was great. It was very healing for many of us. It was an honor to be with so many teachers. We learned from each other, and supported each other. It's so wonderful to see women helping women to heal, to grow, to excel! We are all spiritual sisters! 

Looking back, I realized that I am the happiest when I am learning. I like being a student. 

So in this new year, I will continue to teach as much as I can, and the best that I can. Yogi Bhajan was right, if you want to master something, teach it! I've learned a lot from teaching Kundalini Yoga, and I will keep it up! 

In this new year, without holding myself back, and with no fear, no attachment, I will immerse myself in life even more, and just be. I will keep on teaching, learning and growing. 

"If you want to learn something, read about it.
If you want to understand something, write about it.
If you want to master something, teach it." 
                                                            - Yogi Bhajan