Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ancient Cave Art

Today, at my husband's request, I sat in front of my computer and copied this piece of ancient cave art from Europe. 

I am amazed by how beautiful this piece of ancient art really is. The lines are so expressive! As I was copying, I couldn't help but to imagine the person who did this cave art. What could have gone through his or her mind? Was he/she trying to capture the spirit of the animal with these simple and yet elegant lines? Was he/she praying for a good hunt? 

Whatever the reason is for this cave art, one thing is clear to me: it is our nature to want to express ourselves. Yes! We all have this desire and the ability to do so! Find your means to express yourself! Sing, dance, write, sculpt, draw...anything! Dare to be you, the one and only true you through your expression!

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